Should I See a Neuropsychologist?

To determine whether a consultation with a neuropsychologist is for you or a loved one answer the following 10 questions based on your experience in the past 6 months.

  1. Are you finding it hard to focus when you need to?
  2. Do you or your loved ones notice your forgetfulness?
  3. Are you feeling unhappy, nervous or confused?
  4. Are you having difficulty at work or at school?
  5. Are you having difficulty in important relationships, like getting along with a boss, coworkers or family member?
  6. Are you misplacing things or forgetting people’s names?
  7. Are you having difficulty finding the right word you want to say?
  8. Do you have difficulty with planning, organization and getting things done?
  9. Do you have challenges getting lost or have trouble working with your hands?
  10. Have you ever been diagnosed with something but feel like that diagnosis doesn’t really fit?

Speak to a Neuropsychologist

If you have answered, YES to any of these questions and this problem gets in the way of daily life, it probably makes sense to get in touch with Dr. Brietzke to see if a evaluation may be right for you.

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