Neuropsychology Services for Clinicians

My practice is committed to providing comprehensive neuropsychological and psychological reports that include a brief summary at the beginning of the evaluation to aid busy clinicians. Additionally, I have an extensive background in rehabilitation settings, so the final report includes a variety of treatment recommendations that help your patients utilize their measured strengths to make for their weaknesses. I always do face-to-face feedback with patients to ensure that they understand the results and where to go from here, often before you are scheduled to see them again

I am a big believer in the benefits to the patient of direct consultation between providers, so I would welcome your phone call or email to either get the ball rolling on a referral or just to discuss whether or not your patient would benefit from psychological or neuropsychological testing.

I am available for consultation via telephone at 773.931.3439 or email as you chose.

We can provide your patients with comprehensive neuropsychological and psychological testing and can augment traditional diagnostic tools with qEEG analysis as needed. We are commonly called upon to assess a number of conditions.

Our practice is committed to providing comprehensive reports, which include a brief summary at the end of the evaluation to aid busy clinicians. We also pride ourselves on our extensive treatment recommendations. We always meet with patients and provide in-depth feedback, going over diagnosis and treatment recommendations, in a manner that helps them understand their disorder before they return to your office. Dr. Brietzke offers rapid turn-around times for reports that are infrequently seen in our profession and can accept stat requests for evaluations at this time.

We are in network for BC/BS, and will work out a reasonable fee for out of network individuals.

Dr. Brietzke is also available via telephone at (773) 931-3439 or via email to consult with you as needed.