Dr. Colin Brietzke is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist

He specializes in understanding the relationship between the brain and behavior. His cutting-edge, integrative approach can shed light on problems which have seemed impossible to overcome.

A Message from Dr. Brietzke

Dr. Colin BrietzkeMany new patients walk through my doors anxious about the whole process and concerned about what might be found. I certainly understand that being evaluated can be stressful, so my goal is always to help make this process as comfortable and informative as it can be. Even those patients who are most worried coming in feel so much better after we are done because they now know what is going on and have a clear idea of what to do to make things better.

My overall goal is to take the time to see every patient as a person. This includes looking at your situation in a holistic, integrated manner and listening carefully to what your concerns are. This ensures that you and your family get the answers you need and that I can do the best job possible. Please feel free to email or call me at (773) 931-3439 if you have questions about whether neuropsychological testing is right for you.

Education and Background

Dr. Brietzke obtained master’s degrees in forensic psychology and clinical psychology and a doctorate in clinical psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

His training includes the Orthogenic School at the University of Chicago, Elgin Mental Health Center’s Forensic Treatment Program and a neuropsychological private practice based at Central DuPage Hospital. Dr. Brietzke’s research interests include the electrophysiological underpinnings of mood and anxiety disorders.

Dr. Brietzke specializes in neuropsychological evaluation and neurocognitive rehabilitation of individuals who suffer from a wide range of brain disorders. He tailors each evaluation to address the specific concerns and needs of each client.

At the conclusion of testing, Dr. Brietzke provides clients with a comprehensive written report detailing cognitive, emotional and academic functioning. Each client will also receive an extensive list of practical and concrete recommendations to help them and their family focus on strengths in order to overcome challenges. Dr. Brietzke will also meet with each client, along with family members if the client so desires, for a detailed feedback session during which he will explain, in an easy-to-understand fashion, what the testing revealed and what solutions may be available.